Gasteiner Mineralwasser GmbH:

- Replacement of product cooling unit

- Increasement of filler capacity by 28%

Hassia Group CAVSYS®Cavitator AF-80-27 CAVSYS®Cavitator AF-100-34

Supply of 7 plants for 5 factories. Two targets fulfilled:

1. Replacement of a cooling unit

2. Higher perfomance at the filler.


Kellerei Dr. Demuth Gmbh & Co. KG


Construction of flash pateurisation and carbonisation unit with CO2-measurement accounting the fermentation CO2.

-Engineering and realisation of the entire pipeline works

-Modification of existing product tanks


Kelterei Possmann GmbH & Co. KG CAVSYS®Cavitator AF-65-12-A

-Increasement of filler capacity by 35% through beverage calming Optimization of existing control and integration of a recipe memory

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